Workshop Gets Rave Reviews

I’ve been working hard to get my E-Learning courses up and running on the website. In the mean time a wonderful group have just completed ‘Pregnancy, Baby & Infant Loss in Aotearoa NZ: Providing Support & Advocacy’, providing a range of feedback and comments. I will be posting these on the course page to give those thinking of partaking an idea of what to expect and a better understanding of what some of the learning outcomes are.

Now that you have completed the four modules, what is your overall impression or opinion of the four week course?

I totally loved it!! I learnt a lot more about myself as well as everything we’ve covered this past month.

I think it has been invaluable for me. There was a lot of information I didn’t know that as a supporter of bereaved parents I should know. I feel a lot more confident in my knowledge and ability to be an advocate for bereaved parents.

I have found it to be a manageable workload and very informative.

This is a really good introduction to support and advocacy and the knowledge that underpins all of this. Excellent course

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time learning so much in the process. I feel so much more informed than before, in many of the modules I knew elements of the information but not as in-depth.

A great range of information. I liked the use of different clips to back up the information.

I think this course is great and I am so pleased we are able to access it and have this learning opportunity to help improve the support we can offer families.

I loved learning a lot of new things, not only in baby loss world but in myself as well in how I deal with things and the lack of boundaries I have in my paid employment.

Do you feel the course was value for money?

Most definitely!!! I’m very interested in doing the next lot of modules and can’t wait to get the info about them!!

Yes, you have an awful lot of work into this course Vicki. The number of hours you must of spent researching and uploading the course. Plus the videos of you talking, so worthwhile.

I think I have gained so much more that I could have expected and this course is definitely value for money. You take so much away from it for a very small price.

Yes, you have such a wealth of knowledge, personal experience, you are local and talk our language. The course is so specific to us as NZers and this makes it so ideal for us to do. Look forward to the next one and also to sharing this knowledge.

Would you recommend the course to others?

I think the course is ideal for someone getting started in a support role. I hope [[our organisation] gets all their members to do this course. It has made me realise how little of the fundamentals I actually knew and how so much more prepared I feel.

Absolutely! It was clear and the information was relevant. It was easy to follow and I liked how I could just pick away at it when time allowed.

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