Safer Pregnancy website

The Safer Pregnancy site has been developed by Sands the UK-based stillbirth and neonatal death charity

Stillbirth is the death of an unborn baby at or after 24 weeks of pregnancy. It happens in around 1 in 230 pregnancies in the UK. While stillbirth is a difficult subject for pregnant women and their partners to think about, Sands knows that many parents do not realise it remains a possibility until their baby dies

Why Safer Pregnancy?

Sands feel it’s important that women and their partners know that occasionally things can go seriously wrong in any pregnancy, so they can make well-informed decisions about their health and care. And when they did some research on this, women told Sands they wanted advice about how to reduce the chances of this happening as part of their pregnancy information aims to raise awareness of stillbirth, let women know what they can do in pregnancy to help themselves and link to good-quality information on specific issues. It’s important to say that stillbirths and neonatal deaths happen for lots of reasons and we are a long way from understanding all the causes. Sadly, some pregnancies with none of the risks described on this site still end in a baby’s death. Sands funds research to help find the causes and to improve the detection of problems that might lead to a death before, during or shortly after birth. Find out more at

The development of this site stems from an initial project, led by Sands and the Department of Health, to identify the most important things a woman could do to reduce the risk of stillbirth in her pregnancy. The project involved health professionals, charities and professional organisations, and resulted in a final consensus document covering the key points that should be included in pregnancy information for women


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