During a session at the Sands National Conference in Tauranga last November, a midwife from Northland (whose name I did not get) made a comment about creating an accessible resource for bereaved parents who are considering a postmortem for their baby. The comment resonated with me, and I got to work with Lisa Paraku to create this video.

Lisa is the current lay representative on the Perinatal and Maternal Mortality Review Committee (PMMRC) and equally passionate about providing information and resources for parents and whanau following the death of a baby.

The video has been made to complement the written information in the PMMRC pamphlet. When parents are asked to consider a postmortem, we’re expecting their midwife or doctor will tell them about this resource and direct them to it. As we say in the video, we are not trying to convince parents to have a postmortem, nor dissuade them. We also continually tell parents to ask their midwife or doctor for further information, as we’re aware that a video of eleven minutes will not provide all they want to know.

We’re aware that not all parents will have a smart phone and be able to search for the video, and we’re working on a solution for that. We’re also planning more videos to pass on valuable information to bereaved parents at a time when taking information on board is challenging yet so very important.

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