A Letter to my Doctor (Blog)

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Artwork by Louie Ejanda


Rebecca Wood writes a blog ‘One Pink Balloon: Learning How to be a Mother to a Star and a Rainbow’. She wrote this letter which was read at a medical school lecture. Here is some of her introduction to the letter…      In writing, I thought to myself how scared a doctor dealing with this for the first time must be.   I also thought about all the doctors who do it all wrong as well as the ones who get it so right.  My personal doctor was amazing, and I am grateful for her every day that she made such a horrible and heart wrenching experience a little softer for me.   However, during my almost two years inside the loss community, I have heard horror stories of doctors that make everything a million times worse, whether through rough treatment or terrible comments.   When asked to write this, I wanted to make sure that I was the voice of my community.  I wanted upcoming doctors to know the right way to treat the Heartbroken Mother.


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