Christchurch Sonographers Seminar
‘Bearing Witness to Disrupted Dreams’

Thanks to Debbie Janssens of Pacific Radiology in Christchurch for organising a breakfast seminar for sonographers last Friday morning at Forte Health.

It was a very positive seminar with a receptive audience and some really good feedback – I am grateful for the potential follow up activities we discussed. And I am grateful to the many bereaved parents who answered my questions via the Sands NZ closed chat page on Facebook. The responses I received were numerous and rich with experiences and recommendations.

The title of my talk was ‘Bearing Witness to Disrupted Dreams’ – a term I first heard at a MISS Foundation conference in Phoenix, Arizona in 2008. Dr Barry Schifrin, an obstetrician and neonatologist, was a keynote speaker and when he said those words, they stayed with me. I think the term fits perfectly with the work sonographers do. Sonographers are the health professionals who are most often those who discover and must break the tragic news of a baby’s death or an unexpected diagnosis. The way this information is conveyed can have a lasting impact on parents, families and whānau.


Bearing Witness to Disrupted Dreams
Sonographers, Baby Loss and Unexpected Diagnoses

I am developing an online module for sonographers.

During the preparation for this seminar I became aware of a distinct lack of training for sonographers in this area. It will cover topics such as Grief and Baby Loss, The Power of Language, Breaking Bad News, Dealing with Shock and Trauma, and Self-Care.

Watch my website for further information on this module.


I am also hoping to talk to more sonographers around the country about this very important topic.

Would you like me to come and talk to sonographers in your area?

I can speak for an hour, a half-day or a whole day, whatever suits your needs!


One hour seminar – $200.00 plus travel

Half-day Workshop – $1500.00 plus travel

Full-day workshop – $2500.00 plus travel


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