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Angel Casts is about creating tangible memories for mums and dads that suffer the loss of a child. This service is completely free for Hamilton families.

Angel Casts create beautifully detailed hand and feet stone replicas of a baby or child who has left their parents arms too soon.

These 3D stone casts provide bereaved families with a tangible memory of their wee angel. Being able to hold your child’s hand again, long after they’re gone, can offer comfort and healing for many parents.

This is a free service for Hamilton families and neighbouring areas.

About Angel Casts

Jen and her husband Aaron first started Angel Casts in 2013.

After several years of owning their own casting business, Preggy Pukus Lifecasting, Jen was called by a local midwife who asked me to cast a baby who was sadly born sleeping. It was her first ever request for an angel casts. That day, that experience, changed her life.

She knew in that moment how precious these casts would be to baby’s family. How they would hold them, how they would touch the little toes, and feel a connection to their baby they could no longer hold and touch in person. She knew then that this was a tangible memory that could be so vital to a family’s healing, as well as help in their siblings understanding. She knew then, that she never wanted to profit from another mothers loss and that this had to be a free service. That was the beginning of Angel Casts.


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